Watch The Season Finale of Tyler Perry’s “Bruh” On BET+

“Tyler Perry’s BRUH” tracks the story of four thirty-something year old friends in present-day Atlanta; trying to find themselves as men and navigate life, careers and courtship. This series brings a different perspective of love and finding romance as guys and their struggles. We often see women take on the challenges of love and life on the big screen. ‘BRUH’, brings the male perspective to TV. 

“In a society where companionship between men of color is often misjudged and misrepresented, the show depicts a healthy image of black brotherhood; embracing vulnerability without playing on stereotypical hyper-masculinity.”- BET Press.

In next week’s episode, viewers will see the ‘bruh’s’ dating woes get even messier; while the most unlikely of the foursome may have found a new love interest that could subsequently turn his life around.

Don’t miss the season one finale of “Tyler Perry’s BRUH” Thursday, November 12th on BET+.

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