Bird Bennett Tells A Sweet Love Story In His New Single “I Miss You”

Portland-based artist, Bird Bennett, has been showcasing his skills with his clever songwriting, sampled based production, and rememberable performances. The 19-year-old artist has been consistently sharpening his skills for the past 4 years by self-teaching: producing, songwriting, recording, mixing, and mastering. Bird’s music is inspired by real stories from his day to day life focusing on his endless love stories. The versatility in Bird’s music leads to a variety of emotions from crying your eyes out to wanting to be in a mosh pit. Bird is connected with his art and plans to put on for his city to the best of his abilities.

Bennett’s single “I Miss You”, which was produced by Blanco The Wiz, is a pretty unique story about meeting a girl from out of town that Bird fell in love with. Later to realize she was just visiting and he wasn’t paying attention to her when she told him she was leaving. Which sadly broke his heart causing me to write about missing her.

Stream Bird Bennett’s new single “I Miss You” below.

Written by Driune Santana

Santana is an entertainment and music journalist from Chicago, IL. She landed an internship at WMPR 90.1 and was granted her own ‘Lunch Time Oldies’ show. Santana’s work can be seen on varies of publications like Plasiq Magazine, JaGurl Tv, HipHopWeekly, Baller Alert, ItsOnSite, TrueHollywoodTea, and more. Stay Connected: Instagram: @SantanaTheJournalist YouTube: Driune Santana Twitter: DriuneSantana

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