Toga Doin’ Work & Chelly The MC’s Latest Release: “Pure”

Music from the soul is what describes Toga Doin’ Work and Chelly The MC’s latest release “Pure”. Following his previous drop in May, “What’s Ya Ca$h App?”, Toga delivers his second release with the help of DMV native Chelly The MC. 

Toga accentuates his colorful vocals when asking for something real and pure in a woman, while speaking to a thoroughly engages, beautiful therapist stating, “I need a girl who’s down to ride, not just on a d*ck!” Chelly counteracts giving her point of view of what a real man is, saying, “Keep it true, keep it hunnit, just say if you don’t want it, I got other shit to do. I rather go and chase some money.”

Toga explains the song is giving a perspective from both men and women of what real love is, while coming to the reality that, “it’s not like that for some of us, we are still trying to have pure love find us”.

The video was shot and directed by @reddottem, a frequent collaborator with Toga. Toga continues to explore his creativity by experimenting with different vocal tones to elevate his artistry, taking him to the next level.

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