ORG Mass Drops Visual For ‘ENERGY’ & Talks About His Upcoming Collaboration Album with Producer M4.

After his brief interval during the BLM Protests, Hip-Hop artist and poet, ORG Mass came back with a vengeance on his single “Energy”, which dropped July 24th. He shared part of his personal journey in the song and expressed his need to reflect and confront family issues, relationships and the music industry.

“Real life situations made me feel like I had to let it out the right way instead of allowing it to consume me. The moment M4 started to make the beat, I knew the song meant energy. Protection and reflection”. 

ORG Mass on ‘Energy’

The first and second single of the project, “1 2 Step” and “Check,” featuring DC rapper Kaptain, received a wide amount of feedback and acclaim, racking up over 100K streams to-date and over 20K views combined. Mass says the feeling is humbling.

“I’ve been very proud. I’m grateful and humble my music was able to reach that many people in the world. Shout out Kenya, Nigeria, London, Australia, Ukraine, and Argentina. Let’s hussle and motivate”

Emerging from Brooklyn, NY, where the sound of Hip Hop is ever-changing, Mass utilizes his artistic sound to remain consistent in conveying a message through his music. He says the influences from his hometown include Jay Z, Prodigy, ASAP Rocky, Big L, Capital Steez, Lloyd Banks, Nas and Wu-Tang.

“And as of recently, the drill sound of Brooklyn with a twist of ATL & LA”

At a time where the world is shifting, from COVID-19 to the everyday fight for Black Lives in America, Mass is doing his part as an artist to make use of his audience in an admirable way. Mass and his collective, ORG or Nothing, have launched a new merch line with local streetwear brand, “Riverr Phoenix”, embellished with the phrase “No Justice No Money”. The new line of shirts and bags helps bring awareness to the power of Black people in the American economy.

“No Justice No Money is taking back what is ours and funding it back into our community, services and businesses: The Black Dollar. We don’t want a peace treaty. We want to live in peace and with our own money”. 

While many artists choose to remain silent about these issues, Mass attributes his choice to speak openly about injustice to the kids.

“They listen to the music, they get inspired, they follow accordingly. There are people in the world that relate to our (personal) conditions and are suffering even more. I share my pain with their pain”. 

Mass’ collaborative project with M4, M4SS is out August 28th and according to Mass, we can expect to hear a different side of him. 

“My perspective of NYC; A more comfortable side of me that’s ready to tell my story. And, lastly, the like-minded creation of sound between me and M4.” 

Stream the new song Energy and check out the video:

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