Yung Pooda Talks Debut Single ‘Repeat Dat’ & “Defying Texas Rap Style”

Surrounded by artistic family members, sitting on the porch with music playing in the background, and the smell of BBQ on a summer day is how Texas rapper, Yung Pooda got into music at such a young age. Growing up around music and his father being in the studio often, Pooda was destined to follow a creative path.

Yung Pooda: ‘Repeat Dat’

Despite quarantine, the rapper dropped his first single, Repeat Dat, in early May.

“Want to be around me? Be true to yourself like I found me,”the track states preaching positivity and motivation.

This single is the first from an upcoming EP titled, Vivid Pictures. According to Pooda’s label, the project will be produced by Cool & Dre.

In an interview with Pooda, he explained that the music he releases embodies his personality and his growth process.

“I’m as real as it’s going to be, what you hear, my music is what you’re going to get. I’m me, I’m young enough to make mistakes old enough to know better and I’m just focusing on growing,” Pooda stated. “And I put that in my music also.”

His new single has done extremely well since it’s release — receiving over a million streams on Youtube and making BET Jams’ Fresh Face Friday three weeks in a row.

Pooda reacted to the success of his latest single e stating

“I had faith in it but, I didn’t think it would do that well, that fast and quick as it did. I liked it but, it surprised me.”

Young Pooda

Being from Texas, many would expect the young rapper to carry a southern rap style. He defied the status quo and explains that even though he represents Texas, he is unique and carries many different styles in his raps.

“I’m just so unique with style. So I’m open to any and every type of style. I don’t want to just be in one lane or one category,” Pooda explained. “I really wanted to do that track because it was way different than what I’m used to getting. I’m definitely gonna be doing more up uptempo beats, slow beats. Maybe one day you might hear me on some opera.”

More information about Yung Pooda can be found on his instagram @iamyungpooda

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