R&B Artist, Anna D’Nae Releases New Single & Visual: “Ahead Of Yourself”

Anna D’Nae, an R&B artist, who appeals to her fans with her cultural/reggae/afrobeat sounds, has this time, switched the narrative of lyrics from love struck to assertive.

Ahead of Yourself, tells the story of a love gone bad and this time the woman is leaving. Sticking to her afrobeats lane, Anna explained,

There’s no better way to have a summer bop than to have an island song. You can never lose having a beat that people can automatically dance to!

That summer familiarity is definitely felt in the beat and in the lyrics as well, as the song encourages women to know and understand their worth. What better way to get the ladies turnt than to give them some lyrics they can relate to? Anna talks about the intent behind the powerful message:

In this area, us as women put up with way too much. It’s important that we understand our worth and put our foot down and call people out. So when you put it out there like, you did this, you got too far ahead of yourself, so I had to leave you, but just know I’m the best you ever had, it’s straight to the point. And there’s no confusion, this is about you and that’s that. So even when the bridge comes around I see how women get so hyped and they really feel those lyrics and that’s what I love!

The video, which plays with different elements of design, further enhances the cultural aesthetic of the song with the incorporation of instruments.

It was so important to incorporate instruments in the video. Because of the significance in the beat it was very creative to show the instruments in the video. Initially, the director, Ben Hammel had the idea for the sax in the beginning of the video, but I thought it was very dope to have a kid sax player and an older one, and I thought about adding the violin player.

Check out the video for Ahead of Yourself

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