Charleston, South Carolina Artist Killa Skip Drops New Visual “Black Man”

Black Lives Matter protest have taken over 2020. After the unlawful killings of Black Men and Women over the past few months people have hit the streets worldwide to protest and fight racism.

Charleston, South Carolina knows all about unlawful killings. In 2015 white supremacist Dylan Roof went into a chucrh and killed nine people in what is known by many as the Charleston Church Massacre. Killa Skip being a native of Charleston addresses that issue plus many more in his latest video “Black Man”.

Shoot up in the church f*ck you Dylan Roof”

The Drumdummie produced track is a call for black men to unite and keep their mind focused on the real enemy, that is racism. The visual opens up with Killa Skip free styling before transitioning to different news clips of the protest and older clips of the Black Panther Party movement.

Check out Killa Skip’s new visual above and be sure to keep up with him on social media here.

Written by Tean Becoate "Tee"

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