Close Cash Portrays Life In “Love or Lust” Video

Born in Burlington County, New Jersey, Close Cash got his first taste of music as a member of the children’s choir at his church before later learning how to play the piano then percussion throughout high school. By 6th grade, he rapped his first song titled “Rhyme Soul-Jahs“. He released his first mixtape “Smooth Sailings” back in 2012 under the name Alovett. Although Cash took some time off, he made is return in 2017 with his self-produced project, “Neck Of The Woods (Part One)“. After relocating two years ago to Philly, Cash became fully immersed in the Philly music scene and dropped his first album, “4:08”, almost a year ago.

Now, Close Cash is set to release his first hit record, “Love Or Lust” from his upcoming EP, “Private Party” on May 30th. The single and visual portrays life in the city by bringing together love, sex, and lust all in one. In the video, Close Cash emerges his thoughts by isolating himself and giving the audience the illusion of pure loneliness, bringing us to the ultimate question, Is it Love or is it Lust?

Check out the full video above and check out some of Close Cash recent music below.

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