Mississippi’s Polo Baybee Has Everyone Ready To “Workout”

Mississippi native, Polo Baybee is bringing the wave of twerk music back into our speakers. Influenced by the sounds of Beat King and Kstylis, Polo Baybee make the girls go “Left, Right Cheek, Both Cheeks. Now Get It Girl.” As the arrival of ‘Super Turnt Vol. 3’ approaches on all platforms later this year, the Ju-City rapper has caught the attention of several public figures.

With the release of his single “Workout” featuring Koko Kali, the song itself has brought a lot of exposure and has us wondering “Who is this kid?” As soon as the song comes on the up-tempo beat takes over your body and makes you want to throw that you know what. The song is so versatile that you can enjoy it at the gym or at a party.

The video for “Workout” is set to be released soon. However, check out Polo Baybee’s music on all streaming platforms and check out the single above.

Workout Cover Art

Written by Driune Santana

Santana is an entertainment and music journalist from Chicago, IL. She landed an internship at WMPR 90.1 and was granted her own ‘Lunch Time Oldies’ show. Santana’s work can be seen on varies of publications like Plasiq Magazine, JaGurl Tv, HipHopWeekly, Baller Alert, ItsOnSite, TrueHollywoodTea, and more. Stay Connected: Instagram: @SantanaTheJournalist YouTube: Driune Santana Twitter: DriuneSantana

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